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Night Time Skin Care Routines

When it comes to removing the day from your face there is no one solution that works for everyone, but an end of day skincare routine is essential. Whether or not you wear makeup during the day, the day does stay with your skin. Surprisingly makeup actually protects from environmental damage that can occur. A good skincare routine helps to prevent aging and keeps your skin healthy.

My first step would be to take off my lashes, then place them in a jar with some micellar water, let them soak while I do the rest of my night time routine. I'll come back at the end of my skincare and and really pick the glue off the lash band.

So for my personal skincare my very first step is always eye makeup remover! I Love a bi-phase eye makeup remover. Great for nourishing the lashes and the bi-phase helps to breakdown waterproof or longwearing mascaras. I know a lot of cleansers say you don't need a separate eye makeup remover, that you can use a three in one cleanser or you can use micellar water and that will take everything off, but I still really like using a separate eye makeup remover. All three show here are great.

Saturate a cotton pad, I usually like to hold it down and count for 10 seconds because then, I find you're not rubbing in the eye area as much. So even just holding that down for 10 and then just do a global sweep toward the inside of the eye. Then you can do a separate cotton pad for the other eye. I do recommend a separate cotton pad. While removing eye makeup I also remove any makeup in my brows.

Double Cleansing! What is it and Why would you do it??

Double Cleansing is when you use a micellar, an oil/balm or milk based cleanser before water. I enjoy micellar water on a cotton pad, however I do recommend an oil or balm for longwear makeup, that will help take off the extra makeup if you want to do that before cleansing. Depending on which you choose you may need to rinse the cleanser off.

Cleansers come in a variety of textures also. Dryer skins can prefer a milky or cream cleanser, whereas a combination or oily skin usually prefer a gel or foaming cleanser. If you did not start with double cleansing at this point you would Wet face. Take a little bit of cleanser and honestly, about the size of a nickels is more than enough, then massage into the face and neck area, including the eyes. At this point you could use a cleansing device, or you could use a face cloth. Use it once throw in the wash.

Our next step is Toner. The difference between a toner and an astringent, a toner is going to be alcohol free. So it's going to be a little more soothing to the skin and astringents tend to have alcohol in them and are therefore better for an acne prone or an oily skin. Just wet a cotton pad and wipe the face in a downward motion, if there's anything you missed cleansing, it's a good way to tell because it would be on the cotton pad.

So now that we have washed the day away, I do like to do like an essence or a booster as my next step.

I don't know how many people has used a booster on your skin, It's just kind of like that clear jelly and it doesn't really add or take away but what it does is it's going to add that little bit boost of hydration so it doesn't really feel like much but it's a great first step. I also find if you're like me and you want to be a little frugal. These help your more expensive products last longer because you're hydrating your skin so you are not using extra serum to get that hydration.

I always recommend taking your skin care products down the neck as well. I mean, I like to go up because we want to push everything where it should be.

Now, like me, you might notice dark circles or fine lines around the eyes. So an eye cream is always really important. My next step would be an eye cream. I always say about the amount of a long grain of rice is enough for both eyes. It should only be about that much product on your ring finger to apply, because it is usually your weakest finger so you're not going to pull the eye area. When applying eye cream I always start on the outside by the temples because that's where our lines are. then you just gently pat in the product in circular motion around the eye. Now you don’t want to go any closer than the orbital bone. I personally prefer my eye creams only at night because I do find them a little heavy during the day. However I do love gel eye patches before special occasions just to brighten, hydrate everything.

The next step would be a serum. I do like to do my anti aging at night, as I do tend to be a little more sensitive. So, one pump Of serum is all you need! This is a less is more situation, especially since you’ve already hydrated your skin so it's not going to need as much. Nighttime is when you want to use a lot of your active so if you're wanting to use a retinol that would be a nighttime product, products containing glycolic acid are also great at night as well because they'll help to get rid of the dead skin.

One last layer of Hydration overtop of your serum and you have a happy face. If you have specific skin care concerns you can you a cream or lotion that addresses that, or you can use basic hydration. When the seasons are changing they can play havoc on your skin. I love using moisture boosts masks or creams to help keep the skin nourished. These moisture surge masks at night overnight masks really do help to boost the hydration levels in the skin and keep everything soft and feeling really good.

My last recommended step for overnight skincare is a lip oil. I don't know if anybody else's finding their lips are really dry from wearing masks? I like to put on a little bit of a clear lip treatment overnight to help keep them hydrated so that they're not as dry under the mask.

As a disclaimer, I will tell you that my skincare routine is either everything that I just mentioned or its so basic that I've just taken a cleansing wipe and maybe through some moisturizer on over. There's no in between! So it's either a cleansing wipe and nothing else or I've just done seven or eight steps. There is no right or wrong, whatever works for you is what works for you.

If you have any questions about skincare or what might be the best system for you, I would love to chat with you. Feel Free to send me a DM and I would be more than happy to answer any of your skincare concerns whether it be about skincare recommendations or whether it be for a specific skincare concern.

I appreciate you checking out my wellness tips.

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