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Love is Love! Happy Pride Month

As a makeup artist, I love all the colours and the brightness that get used during Pride. But, clearly we know pride is about so much more than fun coloured makeup looks. Its about pride in being true to your authentic self, equality for all, and being able to love freely.

For me, pride is a time to show I am an ally.

Within the wedding industry there has been great growth and learning, and I am happy to align myself with other vendors who share a similar view to celebrating your love.

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating on an amazing shoot for Details Bridal Magazine. This particular June issue is showcasing an amazing number of local vendors so, if you are looking for inspiration its the one to grab!

The couple I had the opportunity to work with were amazing! They were so down to earth and just having so much fun together. I know it made my job a blast and I suspect the other vendors would say the same.

I could not have asked for a better team! Everything about this day came together so beautifully. All of the little details coming together is why you have the amazing team of professionals to support you on your wedding day.

No matter what your love looks like we are here to celebrate you and your LOVE!

In June and the rest of the year.

Looking forward to celebrating your love with you

Vendor List:

Décor, Styling, & Planning

Amanda McIntyre

The Rose Grand Inc


Planning & Coordination

Stephanie Banks

New Berlin Weddings and Events


Venue, Tables & Chairs

Mandy Dittmann

Pine Valley Chalet



Amy Foster

Fostered Photo


Bridal Style

Monika and Laura

More 2 Love Bridal



Collins Formal Wear


Paper Goods

Liz Kotsamanes

Liz Kotsamanes Designs


Photo Booth

Picture Us Mirror Photo Experience



Flay Lay Mat


Hair, Makeup & Lashes

Provided by me Michelle Lovell Beauty


Cyndee Lavoie
Cyndee Lavoie
Jun 22, 2021

Beautiful work! Love how you bought out the sparkle in both of these ladies. ❤️🌈

Michelle Lovell
Michelle Lovell
Jun 22, 2021
Replying to

Thanks so much! It was so much fun that day 💕

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