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Perfect Lashes Everyday

Welcome everyone, I'm Michelle from Lovelly Beauty Wellness. I thought I would pop in today to do a quick little tutorial on how to apply fake eyelashes.

Lashes are a game changer at this current time, especially since most of us are only being seen with a mask or on a screen. They help draw the focus to your eyes. So, I'm just going to go over the steps I would use for applying strip lashes.

1. Apply all eye makeup first! I mean all!! Shadows, liners, mascara...

I'm going to start on the lashes with a lash primer which helps to nourish the lashes, as it does have treatment in it. It also helps to give the lashes extra length and volume. We all love that right!!! Primers come in multiple colors, there's white ones, there's pink ones, there's Brown, there's black. So it just depends on kind of what you like. there is no real difference in terms of what they do. I would suggest using the primer on the bottom lashes as well just to make them look a little longer. Next step would be the mascara of your choice. Again, I personally prefer lengthening mascara to a thickening mascara. I'm never going to be the person who likes my lashes really thick and heavy, but I do like a mascara that gives my lashes length and a bit of curl.

2. Liquid Liner is your friend

To make lashes easier to apply I do find that a liquid liner does help. It gives you a little bit of a light definition. It also helps to join between your natural lash line and where your lashes go. So if your lashes don't end up being quite as tight to your lash line as you want the eyeliner gives you that little bit of forgiveness that you're going to want.

Pro Tip: once I put the lashes on, I always go back over the liner. This will help to hide any space were the lashes might not cover (usually the inner part of the lash line) It also helps to cover if there are any glue lines left.

3. Selected a style that will help give the desired shape to the eye.

Different styles of lashes can give different looks like a full full lash versus a like kind of subtle everyday lash.

One of my favorites is a three quarter lash. I love those because they just kind of give you a nice little flair on the outside. They make everything look fuller, but also work great for people who wear glasses or who don't want quite as dramatic of a look. Full lashes, those give you a much more dramatic look. What I love most about Full lashes is the amount of options. I find a tapered lash is really popular with my bridal clients. I am also personally really enjoying full lashes with extra long Flairs! Speaking of flairs... they are also available individually, which are great for wanting a subtle boost to fullness or for those who have some gaps along the lash line.

4. Fit your new lashes to you lash shape

Anytime you get a new set of lashes, you need to hold them up to your eye, to make sure it is the right length. All lashes come in a generic size, and as we all know eye shapes do not! So, I just lightly bend the lash a little bit and then try to get as close to my natural lash line as possible. Once you have determined how much you need to alter the length, decide which end you want to trim. Usually you trim from the inner part of the eye because you want the longer part on the outside. However some lashes tend to be really really long, so you may want to trim from the outside. Once trimmed, glue is the next step.

5. The perfect glue

I prefer the glues that have the little brush on the end or a little stick. I prefer these to the ones in the squeezy tube because I find that you get way too much in the squeezy tube, and then it takes a lot longer to dry. If you have lash glue in a tube I recommend using a toothpick to dip in the glue and run along the lash line. Whereas this glue is just literally giving a light coating. You want to make sure you can see there's a light coat of glue everywhere on the lash band, but not a ton. If you have too much glue on your lash, you will just need t give it a bit more time to get tacky and then apply. To apply, determine a starting point either inner or outer corner, then try to get as close to my natural lash line as possible. And I just tried to push my natural lashes into it so that they hold together. So specifically, with a 3/4 lash since it is a smaller lash It's placed more to the outside.

Once your lashes are placed where you want them, you can add an extra coat of mascara to help blend your natural lashes to the strip lashes, however this does decrease the amount of wears you'll get from each pair.

6. Lash Removal and care

At the end of your lash wearing you can remove the lashes by gently pulling from the outer lash. If you have a small jar you can soak your lashes in Micellar Water to remove any makeup. After they have soaked for 3-5 minutes, gently pat dry on a cotton pad, You should also always remove the excess glue from the lash band, either with your fingers or tweezers. Finally, lay your lashes flat to dry or store in your lash case for your next usage.

If you want to see any of the styles they are available on my website at and they're under the shop category.


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